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Friday, October 2, 2009

Todorov Narrative Analysis

Edward Scissorhands
(Directed by Tim Burton, Starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder)
- Protagonists are Edward scissorhands and the woman telling the story
- The antagonist or opposing agent in the appears to be Edward's struggle with his lack of hands and his loneliness, implying that these factors will be the theme of the film
- The town is sleeping, Edward remains in his house and the two are seperate, unknowing of each other
- The isolation of Edward is shown by using sweeping master shots to create the sense of vast space in his mansion, showing how big, dusty and empty his surroundings are
- There is a cutaway from the woman talking to the dark, blue coloured town with snowy, cold weather to emphasise the cosy, warm colours of the bedroom, enhancing the bed-time story nature of the scene
- The character of Edward is hidden right up until the end of the opening sequence, and even then he is only shown from behind. This shows the mystery behind the character and creates suspence for the audience
- The prop of the machines within the mansion add to the sense of mystery, as they are all covered in cobwebs and the creaking noise is very sinister
- The prop of the disembodied hands, blue in colour, fading in and out of sight hints to the theme of the film
- The costumes of the old woman and the child in the bedroom are very traditional, with the old fashioned red dress and white dress. This puts the audience in the mood of a cosy fairy tale, but the juxtaposition of the eerie machinery, suggests there will be a twist
- In the opening, the disruption of the inventor dieing is explained, causing Edward's loneliness and need to change
- The future disruption is hinted at, as there is the theme of Edward being lonely and this woman seems to know him, so they have to meet, changing his loneliness
Clues to Hero's Journey:
- There is a view over the local town next to Edward's house, and Edward is shown looking out of his window at the town, suggesting that the town is where he will end up
- The connection of the woman and Edward is not explained, so the film must also explain their meeting
How equilibrium is restored and what the new equilibrium is (from film knowledge):
- The town and Edward become seperated again when the villagers chase him and he is forced to find refuge. The town then forgets about him, and he is once again isolated
- The new equilibrium is that the girl (Kim) and Edward still have a connection, and she visits him in secret, so his isolation is slightly broken