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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Levi-Strauss Narrative Analysis

Levi-Strauss argued that narrative has two main characteristics which are:
1. That it's made up of units that are put together according to certain rules
2. That these units form relations with each other based on binary pairs or opposites, which provide the basis of the structure

Pale Rider
(Directed and Starring Clint Eastwood)

Binary Opposites:
- Quiet v Loud (sounds of the horse riders)
- Still v Action
- Peaceful village v Speed/Charging/Panic
- Green trees v Dry, sparse plains
- Steady camera v Panning movement
- Action v tension
- Happy, upbeat music v Tense music
- Slow editing v Fast choppy editing
- Steady camera v Frantic, fast camera movements
- Calm v Panic
- Life v Death
- Bright light v Dull light/silhouette in forest
- Panic v Mourning
- Sun v Storm
- Night v Day
- Country v Village
- Attacker v Victim
- High angle (HA) v Low angle (LA)
- Black horses v White horse
- Open space v Enclosed
- Threat v Safety
- Spiritual v Everyday (Horse disappearing in normal village environment)

Die Hard
(Directed by John McTiernan, Starring Bruce Willis)

Binary Opposites:
- Outside v Inside
- Open v Enclosed
- Black titles v Coloured titles
- Subtle music v Dominating music
- Older characters v Young children
- Showing faces v Over-the-shoulder (OTS)
- Empty v Crowded/Busy/Frantic
- Chatty v Silent/Moody
- Happy driver v Reserved passenger
- Direct address (DA) v Low angle (LA) v High angle (HA) (CCTV)
- Silent, dark, enclosed lift v Open, colourful, loud party
- Laughing v Tense music
- Happy party v Sinister street
- Relaxed v Arguing
- Yellow lighting inside v Blue street lights
- Tense, minor music v Party music
- Life v Death
- Domestic issue v Life/death issue
- Trivial matter v Serious
- High tech v Old fashioned
- Informal clothing of main character v Formal of the approaching men
- Present v Past
- Home v Away
- American v European
- Repeated photos v Real life people
- Marriage v Career
- Villains v Hero
- Organised/efficient villians v Idleness of hero