Group 5 Finished Opening Sequence - Removal

Group 3C Finished Preliminary Task

Monday, February 22, 2010

Idea for new plan

Due to the unforseen circumstances of the practise shoot, I have now begun to think over some of my initial ideas as replacement ideas.


This idea was inspired by the 'fridge cam' shots in the opening sequence of a previous years project (below @ 1:04-1:10)

Following this, my idea for an opening sequence was to follow the victim around a house, performing every day tasks but cutting from, for example 'fridge cam' and 'tv cam', making it obvious that someone has bugged her house. In the background, heavy breathing and muttering can be heard from the person watching her walking around. Towards the end, the voice begins to say 'thats it, come this way', building suspension. Then she walks into a room, and instead of a monster, her boyfriend is sitting at a computer, showing to the audience that he has bugged her house.