Group 5 Finished Opening Sequence - Removal

Group 3C Finished Preliminary Task

Thursday, September 17, 2009

BLK Shot Evaluation

1. Denotation:- Light source from top left of frame
- Back of villains legs shown in centre of frame, acting as a frame (within a frame) for the body
- Body is of young female in grey top and jeans
- Framed MLS, shot for floor level
1. Key signifiers of horror genre:
- Light on the victim, connoting innocence and their good nature. Death also signifier of genre
- Villain’s legs in darkness suggesting character has something to hide. Fact that you only see the legs creates mystery and fear as you don’t know the true identity of this killer
- Villain and victim juxtaposed with helpless and powerful in every feature, creating the extremes of good and bad.
- Shadows and darkness of shot also suggest being alone and create fear

2. How we achieved effect:
- Used a pag light as the only source, to create a beam of light over the victim to enhance their mood of innocence and to create a silhouette for the villain to show their mystery and dark side
- Shot the photo with the camera on the ground, to warp the image, make it appear abnormal and strange

3. Successful points:- Where the lighting falls is very effective as it enhances both the victims innocence, with the white light falling over her, and the villains darkness, with the silhouette. This juxtaposed the too characters creating the extreme good and bad side as intended.
- The angle of the camera works well as well as it makes the villain tower above the victim due to the low angle. Also, it being shot from the ground is effective in showing the horror genre of the photo as it makes it looked warped and abnormal
- Having the legs frame the body also focuses the attention onto it, making the deathly mood stronger

4. Possible improvements
- Where the light is coming from, the bean is too bright and obvious, causing the main features of the shot, the body and legs, less obvious. I would maintain where the light falls and the effect it creates, but remove the actual light source from the photo
- The shot would work better with a simplified background as it would enhance the audience’s attention on the characters. The messy wall on the left and the white plug socket on the right ruin this simplistic effect