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Friday, September 18, 2009

DYM Film Opening Comparison

Legally Blonde
(Directed by Robert Lukatic, Starring Reese Witherspoon)

Narrative Expectations
- Setting and building up to Elle, so you expect her to be the main character
- The stereotype of the character, situation etc. is so extreme that you expect it to be turned on its head due the the obvious comedy genre
- Expect a very female orientated plot due to the idea of her asking aout a boy at the end, and clear female themes including the pink sparkly writing of the credits
- Expect typical teen high-school theme as well due to the often done tracking through the diffferent groups of the school to set the scene, (also done in 10 Things I Hate About You and Mean Girls)
- Music suggests film will be upbeat and happy
Shot Types
- CU only on her and objects relating to her such as her brush and letter, again building up the importance of the character
- Tracking shots following the progress of the letter, so the viewer experiences its movement
- Tracking shot following the girl on her bike, so the focus is on her with the boys in the background
- Crane shot from top of the stairs, showing Hollywood style situations and showing that Elle is at the top of everything
Character Types
- Main character stereotypical teenage Homecoming queen, with the blonde hair and Paris Hilton style lap dog and everything in her life as far as High School success, finance and appearence seem to be perfect
- All other girls very 'perfect' in appearence, and Elle seems to be queen of them all, at the top of the social ranks
- Boys are just there to loko at girls, seem wild and animal, girls completely in control
- All characters features of typical high-school, all young and pretty


(Directed by David Fincher, Starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt)
Narrative Expectations
- A dark storyline, due to subdued, low-key lighting and dark music/sound effects
- Not upbeat like Legally Blonde, as oppposite to the pink sparkly colourscheme, Seven has a black, navy and beige colourscheme
- Serious, dark aspec of film also reflected in weather (rain and thunder)
- More subdued then the other film, as it fades in and is more subtle
- Slightly artistic film due to effects and style used on the opening credits section
Shot Types
- Always MS on characters, keeping them in mystery
- CU on significant actions, such as putting his glasses on the table before sleep putting him in a vunerable situation
- Warped angles on the actions when the intro goes into the opening credits, to make the reality distorted
- Sideways tracking shot following the characters while walking down the street, makes them more everyday
Character Types
- Anger in the voice of the main character. Very everyday as it opens with washing up. Imperfect in comparison to other film
- Characters also have more levels, in that the shadows used over them suggest hey have something to hide. Especially Morgan Freeman's character. Brad Pitt's character seems to be a more shallow 'sidekick', but the arty nature of the film could mean this is likely to change

- The bright, glossy almost 'perfect' nature of Legally Blonde, which makes the film up-beat and aspirational is completely opposite in Seven, as it shows the dark reality of life. These two different tones shown fit in with the genres that the films are trying to portray, comedy and thriller