Group 5 Finished Opening Sequence - Removal

Group 3C Finished Preliminary Task

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evaluation for Continuity Exercise

12C Group 1 Accident Clip

1. What do you think was the point to the activity?
- Learn continuity rules by breaking them and seeing the negative effects of doing so
- By recording one shot after another, it made you think properly about what shots are needed to make the sequence make sense
- To practise thinking about what is needed to make the continuity of a sequence make sense

2. In regard to your finished sequence, what worked well?
- Master shot used twice to establise scene and relation/space between the two characters
- Simplistic shots made things look very obvious, easy to understand
- Shot variety
- POV and OTS shots used to show character emotion and what they are doing
- Cut aways used to break up the action

3. What would you aim to improve about your sequence?
- First three shots (master shot, POV and OTS) need to be longer to give the audience time to see what is going on
- Needs a finishing shot to tie up the accident, for example have Joe's shocked face as well as Jacob lying on the floor
- Tidier ending needed, audience confused by the fifth shot of Joe

4. What did you learn from doing this activity?
- From my sequence, I have learnt to make sure each shot is the right length to keep the flow smooth, understandable and not boring
- Learnt from the whole classes sequences and 'mistakes' what to do and what to do, such as breaking the 180 degree rule, 30 degree rule, to ensure match on action and to establish conversation via shot reverse shot
- Learnt what is needed to make the continuity of a sequence work, and in the most efficient way, for example filming the sequence from each point of view and editing it all together