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Group 3C Finished Preliminary Task

Friday, March 26, 2010

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The film VICTIM represents three social groups: Gender, Age and Class. The film VILLAIN represents one social group: Disability (both physical and mental)

We represented these social groups due to the research we did earlier on about film victims.

The female representation challenges conventions through the masculine qualities to her character.

Similar representation of age as the teenagers shown in the horror films such as Friday the 13th (Nispel, 2009) and The Blair Witch Project (Myrick and Sanchez, 1999)

Dress code of the t-shirt, shirt, jeans and trainers all connote her age as well as her casual poture and facial expressions

The girl is a represented of the middle classes via...

We chose the mental disability from the research we did earlier on about film villains, and saw an USP in making him physically disabled, as the majority of cases the disabled person is a victim, for example in Rear Window (Hitchcock, 1954) and Misery (Reiner, 1990)

In this representation we use the conventional horror genre signifier of mental disability and developed and challenged it by adding the physical disability aspect.

He also represents mental disbility, a common signifier of the psychological horror. We showed this through his appearence and unexplained actions. The appearence was inspired by iconic film villains.
  •  The greased hair and smart jacket from The Dark Knight's Joker (Nolan, 2008)

  • Leather gloves from Freddie Kruger (Craven, 1984)

  • Heavy breathing and ECU shot to connote his distorted, twisted personality