Group 5 Finished Opening Sequence - Removal

Group 3C Finished Preliminary Task

Friday, March 26, 2010

5. How did you attract/address your audience?

We attracted and addressed our audience both through features of the film/genre/sound effects etc. as well as choices about the films institutional identity, marketing techniques and rating.

  • (0:00 - 0:14) is the reactions to the animation. From the audience feedback, we found the animation appealed for making the film more proffessional
  • (0:15 - 0:23) the movement through the floor got particularly good reactions for its originality and fact it placed the villain directly underneath the victim

  • (0:24 - 0:27) shows the reaction to the surprise ending, appealing to the audiences enjoyment of fear and suprise (see below)
  • (0:28 - 1:15) show the reactions of one group to the final basement section of our film. This shows the appeal of the revelation of the enigmatic features shown earlier, and the enjoyment of the tension and suspense created

We chose to have a 15 rating as this appeals to the target audience (15>) as it is scary and controversial enough without alienating a significant portion of the teenagers we are attempting to reach

Sound Effects:
A key audience appeal within the opening sequence is the sound effects we used.
  • We chose to enhance the scenes with the monster with the heavy breathing, creating a dramatic tension effect
  • The score (gloomy room, northern spectre and remote location) was subtle and fairly so as not to distract the audience from the action, but was enough to create a sense of unease and mystery. We overlapped some of the sound tracks to distort and enhance the music to increase the tension and the vital moments
  • We initially added a scream after the attack but then decided that without, the end was far more potent as it created enigma and mystery, as well as being more suitable as just an opening to the rest of the film. This tapped into the audiences desire of fear and suspense
Audience Response:
(results from questionnaire

Appealing parts of the sequence for the audience were
  • The ending attack
  • The basement
  • The villain (we designed the villain to appeal as he had many conventional aspects taken from our research into the genre, but the new aspect of the disability gave the film something unique)