Group 5 Finished Opening Sequence - Removal

Group 3C Finished Preliminary Task

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here is an introduction to my project, the opening sequence and the process that the evaluation is based upon.

Feature of Project Summary
Storyline of Opening SequenceTeenage girl is moving into her new house. She brings in a box, puts the kettle on and goes into the garden to put the flowers outside. The monster, a young male who is physically disabled, stalks her and leads her into his basement where she is cornered and attacked 
Storyline of FilmThe rest of the film expalins the back story of the villain, intercut with the back story of the next woman to move in. She is no victim, and seeks to drive him out of her house and expose his criminal activity
GenreHorror, sub-genre indie horror, themed with stalking, obsession and voyeurism
Target AudienceIndie/alternative young adults and teenagers that enjoy being challenged and discussing controversial topics
Production 'Black Cat Productions' is a company that specialise in creating low budget, gritty British thrillers that challenge and develop conventions. They have a similar industry identity as DNA and Qwerty
Distribution'Fallen Tree Studios' is an independant distributor that seek to target young adults/teenagers. They have a similar industry indentity as Icon and Pathe
CastVictim - Wanda Dunham
Villain - Joseph Lane
Film CrewWanda Dunham
Claire Buswell
Joseph Lane
Jacob Vydelingum
LocationSuburban house (corridor, kitchen, garden and basement)